Whole System Psychotherapist, M.Ed., TFT-Dx

About Me

Monique M. Hillen M.Ed. TFT-Dx

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Monique Hillen is a whole system psychotherapist in private practice, and a certified Thought Field Therapist in Amherst and in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was born and raised in The Netherlands, and moved to the USA twenty eight years ago. She has been trained in The Netherlands, USA, and in Canada. In addition to her formal studies, she has studied eastern philosophies in psychology in depth.

Meditation is the center of her being. She has designed many different meditations, including the "Healing Light" meditation. Monique has been seriously meditating for the last 25 years. She has a deep understanding about the differences in people due to genetics, and the accumulating experiences people encounter in their environments and cultures. Therefore she designs an unique healing plans for each individual.

"I feel very fortunate to work with people on deep and important issues. Not only is my work my passion, but I also believe the humans species is due for an "emotional and conscious evolution" to get this world out of its current unhealthy situation. "Each person's healing and changes will have an effect on the society at large. We live by example......the ripple effect.........."