Whole System Psychotherapist, M.Ed., TFT-Dx


For Women and Men

Often men and women feel at odds with one other. They can experience communication as frustrating, resulting in feeling not understood. Or they cannot comprehend the ways of perceiving, processing, and acting of the other.

male female brain.jpeg

As been physiologically proven in science, men and women have different ways of processing thoughts and feelings. How many times have I heard from men and women they truly do not understand their partners.

In the end it is all very simple to attain perfect happiness with the opposite sex. It is a matter of deep understanding how women and men feel and think, how each are working through to their emotions, and how they value certain connections and things in life.

Of course their are other aspects besides getting to know women and men in general, like the genetic make up, the environmental and cultural influences, and the emotional history of each person.

My goal is to help women and men understand each other in general and more specifically, and to look for signs and details to recognize potential hurt and problems before things are getting out of hand. I supply women and men with insights about how to make each other feel loved and safe to better the relationship, and to enter a new phase in where each feels respected and loved in return.