Whole System Psychotherapist, M.Ed., TFT-Dx


Political Counseling

The focus of my work is primarily on emotional and conscious evolution. As I understand, the human species must undergo this evolution to maintain our existence on this beautiful planet, which can only be done by depolarization. The divisive climate, which is our main way of relating to one another on this planet, only creates more problems within nations and in international relations.

In political negotiations we mainly consider culture and political conviction in the equations. The personal makeup of each political negotiator is mostly overlooked in discussions. Important issues are discussed and can be at stake, while we cannot determine the psychological background of each person involved. Political decisions are often results of reaction vs. clean and productive actions. This is partly due to the lack of deep personal self-understanding of each person involved in the political process.

Political Counseling, which is a new initiative designed by me, may include learning to deeply understand cultural differences, mediation, true listening, using differences as an asset, bridging polarized issues, personal growth, fostering respect, and foremost creating a bigger pictures focused on long term healthy decision making, vs. short term bandage politics. It will shift the focus from "me/now/violence" to "us/long term/peace".

The creation of Political Counseling is rooted in a deep caring for our planet. It is time for a shift in the leaders of the world from ego, unconscious reaction, and manipulation to working together while understanding each inner process towards long term policy making for the greater good of the whole world. 

Political counseling is supported by a practical handbook I am writing on emotional and conscious evolution. The practical handbook will be accessible to anyone, since we all need to go through an emotional and conscious evolution to turn around the damage we are creating on this earth, and with one another.